AutoCAD 2009 & 2010 users – out of memory errors?

AutoCAD 2009 & 2010 users – out of memory errors?

Some of the users I support have repeated out-of-memory errors while editing fairly simple drawings. I have some 2010 users who suffer from this problem while others using the same drawings on the same hardware get by without ever seeing it. When swapping users to differerent PCs, the problem seems to follow the user. Despite various experiments, I have no idea what is going on here.

Is this happening to you or anybody you work with? Have you managed to work out if there is something that triggers it? Is there a user interface setting or method of drawing that you suspect of being the culprit?


  1. [meant to say bit hit submit] AutoCAD seems reluctant to release memory. Watch Peak & VM Size Columns in vanilla task manager or Virtual Size and working set in the (better) Sysinternals Process Explorer.
    Have found if Virtual size gets to about 1.8gb in 32 bit OS Autocad will crash, solution there is 64 bit OS

  2. srlafleur

    I have some users who seem to have more trouble than others, in spite of all things being apparently equal. I wonder if some people just don’t say anything, just dealing with it? Or maybe some people just have bad computer mojo, because some of their problems seem to go away if I just lay my hands on their computers. I don’t know. All I do know is I’m getting really tired of having to deal with the “tools” all the time. It’s like a board drafter spending all day sharpening his pencils. Actual productivity seems to get worse with each new version.

  3. It’s odd that this post came up today b/c we have been discussing this very thing in the office. One of my co-worker-drafter-wage-slave-people has been getting out of memory issues with the new workstations. I have to admit that I am daunted by this since these workstations are Windows 7 64-bit machines with 8 gigs of RAM. I know he isn’t leaving modeless windows open like the Layer palette.

    It’s a mystery to me but a great post topic. I’d love to see what other people say.

    – Curt –

    P.S. – This is also the same guy who has a 50/50 shot of his wipeouts, textmasks, and text backgrounds working. I don’t think there is a connection. Unless it is a connection of mystery!

  4. R. Paul Waddington

    Keep your eye on the CIP settings Steve; we have found one of our systems activated a couple of weeks ago and it appears it was active for a number of days before noticed – AND THEN DEACTIVATED.

  5. Brent Daley

    Group policy is a great way to control the CIP, and make sure it stays off. I think it’s great to have a program like that where Autodesk can get some feedback on how we use the program…I mean a program that will mess up our machines. Make sure you definetly turn this off if your running Windows 7.

    Back to the issue, I haven’t seen as many of the Out of Memory errors as I used to, but your right there are always those users that always get them even with the same hardware and software…maybe a workflow issue, but I don’t know what processes would cause this, especially if your just using Vanilla.

  6. I will have to check to see if my one drafter has the CIP active or not. I have always activated the feature in the past when doing installs but these Win7 machines were done offsite. I am leaning towards thinking this is not the case b/c the machines were cloned. So if the CIP is active on one workstation then we should all be having the same problems and that just isn’t the case. Even if we test with the same drawing files we can’t seem to replicate the issue.

  7. Kari

    I’m having this very issue, and it’s linked directly to a viewport window. so I’m linking it to a videocard issue. The viewport is somehow caching in AutoCAD. Another thing to check is if the videocard is a certified version. In Autocad 2011 >3dconfig>View tune log will tell you this. Under “Manual Tune” you can set the recomended settings. Also, correcting Dynamic tessellation to use lower memory as well is a good idea.

  8. Robert S.

    Few of my guys have gotten this message, I have worked around this problem by setting the “Layout Regen Options” (System tab of autocad “options”) to the first of three picks “Regen when switching layouts”. Apparently, caching each layout for 10 plus paperspace layouts begin to weigh on resources…

  9. Good day. We are having same problem in our office before but it minimize due to some modification in their habit and memory monitoring at the same time.
    What I suggest to them is to open a task manager while working in autocad and to monitor the memory.

    **Users Habit
    They frequently Zoom In, Zoom out, Pan, Block convert into group of block then copy paste the converted block many times, fill many lines in a single box, frequent transfer from model to layout view. But this is normal.

    What I suggest to them before they Zoom in/out, pan, change view, they have to check if the memory of autocad in task manager is above 700mb then they have to minimize the AutoCad and Maximize in order to dump the memory usage. Then they can proceed in there work.

    For the Block convert into block many times they have to set rule in there work. What I told to them if the object is already a block they should not convert it to block again.
    As a programmer the process of reading a block it takes time if there’s a converted block inside the block and that block having a group of block. It takes many cycle to process a certain block.

    Block block block block…

    Hope it helps.

  10. valery

    Tengo problemas con el Autocad 2011 ya que cuando estoy trabajando en el aparece una ventana que dice: Autocad is running out of system memory. y no puedo trabajar, no me deja guardar los cambios que realice en el proyecto y cuando deseo pasar de model a un layout se traba y manda a “Fatal Error”, alguien podría asesorarme? ésto significa que mis archivos se dañaron? que puedo hacer?

  11. milo

    tengo problema al iniciar autocad plant 3d, aparece un fatal error: out of memory – shutting down… alguien puede decirme cual es la solucion?? ya he movido todo lo que tiene que ver con la memoria, el computador es un dell precision con 8gb de ram y procesador intel xeon de 3.40ghz…

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