Autodesk shows Dassault how to treat customers

There are areas of Autodesk’s treatment of customers that leaves much to be desired, and I will most likely continue to be critical of that until a) I die; b) Autodesk dies; or c) the bad stuff stops happening. One thing for which Autodesk deserves praise is the distribution of bug fixes to its customers, without imposing the sort of conditions that SolidWorks customers have to put up with.

  • Do Autodesk customers need to be on Subscription to receive bug fixes? No, they do not.
  • Do Autodesk customers need to have purchased the software within the last 90 days to receive bug fixes? No, they do not.
  • Do Autodesk customers need to have reported certain specific bugs to receive bug fixes? No, they do not.
  • Do Autodesk customers even need to be running the current release to receive bug fixes? No, they do not.

AutoCAD 2010 Update 2 (that’s Service Pack 2 in the old language) has just been released for the users of last year’s software. This includes the Update 1 changes. The usual caveats apply, including reading the Readme first. As usual, Autodesk’s oddball numbering system means that after installation, Update 1 shows up as Version 2 and Update 2 shows up as Version 3 in the About screen.

This Update applies to straight AutoCAD (and LT), not the vertical variants. I have no news about non-English versions. Patrick Emin informs me these updates are language-independent.


  1. Autodesk better hurry out SP1 for AutoCAD 2011, because I am finding lots of show-stopper bugs as I work through updating the “Using AutoCAD” book. Biggest problem: dialog boxes that disappear. Here’s an example:

    1. During the MText command, click the Import Text button.
    2. The Select File dialog box appears.
    3. Switch away from AutoCAD to another application.
    4. Go back to AutoCAD: it appears frozen, because the dialog box has disappeared. (I am using a dual-screen system).

    I cannot get back to the dialog box, so I can’t close it, so I cannot go back to using the rest of AutoCAD. Solution now is to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to force AutoCAD to shut down.

    Experiencing lots of other serious bugs, as well.

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