AutoCAD for Mac in Beta

AutoCAD for Mac in Beta

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no access to inside information about this Beta. Even if I had, I would not reveal anything that I had learned as a result of such access. This post discusses only information that is already public knowledge.

The native Mac OS X AutoCAD port that Autodesk has been foreshadowing for some time is now in Beta, it seems. The Italian Mac community is getting particularly excited about the leak, but it’s also a popular subject of discussion on at least one English-speaking forum. The Autodesk codename is Sledgehammer, and it’s currently 64-bit only. If this is a subject that interests you, with a bit of sniffing around you can easily find screenshots, a video and you can apparently even download it via torrent if you’re feeling particularly brave/stupid.

If you’re interested in trying it out, it would be much better to apply to join the Beta program. That way, you will stay legal, you won’t download a trojan and you will contribute towards improving the product. Autodesk will probably need such contributions, because the early Beta allegedly runs like “a sewer” with huge performance issues. That should not be a surprise at this stage, but it should give you some idea of how much work Autodesk has ahead of it before it has a product that is fit for human consumption.

Oh, if you do join Autodesk’s Beta program, please be a bit more careful with the software than the guy who thought it would be a cool thing to hand out to his friends.

Edit: Ralph thinks it’s fake. I really don’t think it is, but must acknowledge the possibility that I’m wrong.

Edit 2: More discussion and screenshots at SolidSmack.


  1. The italian forum has withdrawn screen captures, apparently they were given by a beta test participant to someone else who put that on the forum… This does not explain why the first screen capture was in italian, a curious language for an Autodesk beta… Sure there is an AutoCAD for Mac, but all screen captures are not genuine.

  2. Patrick, if the screenshots were not genuine, I don’t think they would have been forced off the forum. They look genuine to me. Of course it’s possible to fake anything, but the attention to detail in these shots is brilliant if they’re fakes.

    Robin, yes. As I’ve stated elsewhere, for that and a bunch of other reasons, I think AutoCAD for Mac is doomed to fail. Again. It’s destined to be filed under “it seemed like a good idea at the time”.

  3. Robin, lets not forget that there was an AutoCAD for Mac back in the day (R12 or R13 was last edition from memory). Mac had a smaller percentage install base back then, compared with today’s market share.

    Autodesk then decided to go purely Windows for AutoCAD (I guessing, mainly for business reasons).

    Now that Mac (Apple) is *hot* again, it really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that AutoCAD for Mac could be coming down the pike (sooner or later).

    Another clue, only have to look around at how many Autodesk employees are now “Mac fan boys/girls” 😉

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