Magic vanishing images

Magic vanishing images

In a thread in the Feedback & Questions about the Discussion Groups section of the Autodesk discussion groups, somebody called ACADuser contributed what I thought was a highly amusing bar graph as a test image. Inspired by this, I contributed a couple of test images of my own.

A few hours later, the whole thread magically disappeared! It seems a shame that I went to the effort of making those images, and all for nothing. The handful of people who would have seen them on the discussion groups have now missed out on the experience. So I’ve decided to make up for that by posting them here, where thousands of people can look at them instead.

Here’s the first one (not that amusing):

Discussion group upgrade poll results

Here’s the second one. Given the circumstances, it seems somewhat prescient:

Clue train pie graph

If ACADuser wants to get in touch, I’ll be quite happy to post his image too.


  1. Not only does the clue train not stop at the station, I think the rails go through a different city altogether.

    Regarding my vote, I originally gave the benefit of doubt. I want to change it from mediocre to poor. BTW, what is the difference between mediocre and OK?

  2. Mediocre means “of moderate or low quality”, which I see as more negative than a neutral vote. I see OK as slightly on the positive side of neutral.

    I deliberately chose an even number of options to force the voter to fall one side of the fence or the other. At the time of writing, 62% of voters have fallen on the negative side, with “Disastrous” easily the most popular of the 6 choices.

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