Battle of the Bullshit part 4 – Bentley tells the truth

Battle of the Bullshit part 4 – Bentley tells the truth

Behold, the latest episode in the Autodesk versus Bentley PR battle over perpetual licenses versus rental!

Bentley has issued a response to Autodesk’s response to Bentley’s response to Autodesk’s move to all-rental software. This is entitled Bentley Responds to Autodesk – You Have a Choice. I have already dissected Bentley’s and Autodesk’s previous responses and found neither of them entirely truthful.

So, how does the latest effort from Bentley shape up? Very well. It’s pretty much spot-on for accuracy. There’s nothing that could be described as disingenuous, misleading, or even exaggerated. I encourage you to read it and make up your own mind.

Bentley PR also invited me in on a press conference call, having first invited my questions. Although I was unable to take part in that call, I have listened to a recording of the event and that was similarly free of issues. The Bentley executives were understandably presenting Autodesk’s licensing strategy in a negative way and their own in a positive way, but didn’t have to resort to anything underhand in order to do so. The facts were enough.

Here’s something I wrote in an earlier post:

Raise your game, people; we’re not all stupid out here. If you can’t support your argument with the truth, then your argument isn’t a good one and you need to rethink it.

I’m happy to report that Bentley has  raised its game and in my view it is winning this PR battle because it can  support its argument with the truth. It will be interesting to see if Autodesk is capable of the same.


  1. It is interesting to me that Autodesk feels it needs to react to Bentley. The #3 CAD vendor is worried about the #6 CAD vendor might do with the 2 million AutoCAD users who are staying off the new annual payment plan.

  2. Steve, I was looking at your polls, and you have to imagine that the average follower of your blog is not too happy with Autodesk. It would be humorous to see someone like Shaan Hurley post these same questions and see the percentages.

  3. It would be amusing, but unlikely to happen out in the open where people could see the results. Unless it was something like this, perhaps:

    How awesome is Autodesk?

    – Amazingly awesome
    – Astonishingly awesome
    – Phenomenally awesome
    – I would willingly sell my house and all its contents to help Autodesk because it is so awesome

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