BricsCAD startup LISP bug fixed

BricsCAD startup LISP bug fixed

In my previous post I have a real problem with BricsCAD, I related my then-latest interaction with the Bricsys support system:

Steve Johnson
05-12-2016 05:30 UTC

I don’t know if this is a BricsCAD problem or a DOSLib one, so I am reporting it to both Bricsys and Dale at McNeel. I’m also not sure if this was happening in earlier versions.

If I load DOSLib during an S::STARTUP call and then use the (dos_msgbox) function later in that call, this fails the first time round because BricsCAD things the function is not defined. Opening a second drawing results in the call working as expected. I’ve chopped down our startup routine so you have an example.

; error : no function definition ; expected FUNCTION at [eval]

Awesome Bricsys Person
05-12-2016 12:32 UTC

Hi Steve,

There was a regression introduced in V17.1.10 that caused startup code to execute too early under certain conditions, before the lisp engine document context was properly initialized. This has been fixed now for the next update.

Steve Johnson
06-12-2016 02:43 UTC

I must say, the responses I’ve been getting to my support requests have been absolutely bloody brilliant. Cheers!

Let’s just finish the sequence, shall we?

Second Excellent Bricsys Person
13-12-2016 19:18 UTC

Hi Steve,

I have very good news. The fix is included in BricsCAD V17.1.11, available for download.
Thank you for your help.

Following a fast and straightforward download and install, I can confirm that the bug is fixed. The elapsed time from my bug report to the fix being publicly available and me being informed personally of the fact was 8.5 days. Note that this isn’t a workaround, patch or service pack, it’s a permanent fix that is now automatically in place for everybody who downloads the software.

Edit: the new version was actually released at 4 PM on 9 December, so it was less than 4.5 days from report to fix. Outstanding!

I should mention that I also received a prompt and relevant response from Dale at McNeel, despite the fact that the problem was nothing to do with him!

For somebody used to dealing with Autodesk, this is a breath of fresh air. Bricsys team, take a bow!

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