First 2018.1-broke-my-AutoCAD reports coming in

First 2018.1-broke-my-AutoCAD reports coming in

Thanks to R.K. McSwain for pointing out that at least one user has reported unexpected shutdowns from AutoCAD (Architecture, probably) following installation of the 2018.1 Update. The problem went away following uninstallation of the update.

Caveat updator.

Anybody else have any issues or are you all waiting for the early adopters to find out for you?

Edit: it turns out the crash occurs when opening 2013 DXF files.

Edit 2: a hotfix has been posted here.

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  1. Scott

    I installed 2018.1 on one of my drafter’s machine and then didn’t get to mine or another drafter’s. So after he works on a dwg file, he tries to plot it. 25 minutes later it comes out of the plotter (previously a 2 minute plot) and 1) the model extends to outside the viewport; 2) line-weights are wrong. Damn, who knew? So, I take an old version, block in his work and the drawing is ok. But he opens it again and re-corrupts the drawing; this is how we found out it was probably the 2018.1. I uninstalled the update and we are hoping for the best. I think 2018.1.1 might have fixed it; why else would an update come 2 or 3 months after the 2018.1. Any other problems seen? I uninstalled updates on all machines and we are going to hang at 2018 for a while. Problem with sharing. Gotta back save to share to those without 2018, bcs different format (foment) than 2013.

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