Video – Steve on BricsCAD Unplugged

Video – Steve on BricsCAD Unplugged

Following on from Lynn Allen and Robert Green’s guest appearances on the BricsCAD Unplugged webcast a couple of weeks ago, this time it was my turn.

Last night (my time) I was the special guest on the episode BricsCAD Unplugged – Steve Johnson 5 surprises moving to BricsCAD. I’m introduced at 2:12 and appear at 3:30. Here’s the full video:

In this week’s episode, you’ll witness:

  • Me discussing the five biggest things that pleasantly surprised me about BricsCAD. (I have more than five, but time was limited).
  • Don Strimbu bribing me with drinks containers.
  • An actual printed copy of Cadalyst magazine from 1995, complete with my old column Bug Watch (1995-2008).
  • The excellent euphemism, “You’re generally pretty conservative in terms of your praise.”
  • Don throwing me a curveball by introducing my points out of order!
  • The announcement that I’ll be at Bricsys 2018 in London and possibly participating in the BLADE session.
  • Me saying, “No. I’m wrong.”
  • Me drinking a glass of wine (parental guidance advised – alcohol consumption depicted). If you care, it’s a Shiraz (that’s Syrah if you’re American) from South Australia’s Limestone Coast region.
  • Total lack of coordination from everyone in raising our drinks at the end.

Thank you to the Bricsys crew for the invitation, it was a blast! If you ever want me on again, I’ll be happy to oblige.

For future reference, these live broadcasts run on the Bricsys Facebook page and are then quickly transferred to YouTube.

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